Jessica lives in the SF Bay Area and her husband and daughter.

Jessica lives in the SF Bay Area and her husband and daughter.

JESSICA MAHANEY is a Mother, Integrative Life Coach, shadow expert and writer.  She had the great fortune of becoming a student of the shadow at the ripe young age of 17. After a brief fashion career in NYC, she became a Certified Life Coach and began her private Integrative Coaching practice in 2007. As a wife and mother, she has come to believe that parenthood and marriage are the ultimate landscapes for conscious evolution- paths to the growth and transformation of our selves and our society.

Jessica has also spent a lifetime deconstructing the mother of all shadows- depression, and she brings a wealth of warmth, depth and insight to understanding darkness and suffering in a fresh way. Her mission is to help others find the gold in their darkness, and to spread the gospel on loving the dark and swampy!

I find so much joy in diving into the depths of myself and others, sifting through the yucky stuff most people don't want to face or talk about. There is so much power in that. Let me show you why our dark side is so awesome and fascinating!

Let me show you how much inner wealth is buried inside your pain, shame, fear and darkness. Our smelly, scary, murky stuff is chock full of gems! And not just any gems, but the precise ones that you really want and need in order to feel fully alive and at ease in your life.

- Jessica Mahaney